Service and maintenance of YOUR vehicle  May 3rd, 2017 
When you buy a vehicle, whether you finance it, or pay cash, that vehicle becomes your responsibility as soon as you leave the dealership.  Hopefully you are diligent with the maintenance on your vehicle so that it lasts you a very long time.  With every used vehicle, there will be some things to do.  1st is the oil.  You have to change your oil every 3000 miles or 3 months after the last oil change.  If you aren't sure when the last oil change was done, then change it immediately.  That way you have a new sticker in your window to tell you when you are supposed to change it next.  If you do this, your engine will last you a long time.  2nd, when you take it in for your oil change, make sure they check all the fluid levels for you. 3rd is your tires.  Tires are not cheap, so you want them to last as long as they possibly can.  Rotate your tires every other oil change.  This will get the maximum amount of miles out of them.  Now, a rotate on your tires does no good if you dont have the proper alignment on your car.  Either one of these things can eat up your tires.  If you have an issue, fix it immediately.  Dont let things go.  If your brakes do not feel right, have them looked at.  If you dont and you let your brakes go, it can create a lot of other issues.  Tune ups can be confusing to some people.  A tune up is basically changing your spark plugs.  Check the information about your car to find out how often your plugs need to be changed.  This can help with the running of your vehicle, as well as the MPG.  Your car will always run more efficient with a fresh set of plugs.  If a check engine light comes on, don't let it go.  Take it to Autozone or your mechanic and they will see what the issue is.  If your car happens to overheat, stop the car immediately.  Do not run your car hot.  This will burn up the engine.  Same thing goes for your oil pressure.  If you drop to a low oil pressure, stop the car.  Letting things go will create expensive nightmares for you and you are the only one to blame.  Keep your car clean!!!  If you have a clean car, you will want to take care of it and drive it.  No one likes getting in a dirty car.  If you stay on top of the basic things, your vehicle will last you a long time.  Part of owning your vehicle is maintaining it yourself.  If your car turns into a junk heap, this is no ones fault but your own.  Own it, maintain it and drive it! 
Insurance, Store Policy and the Law  Apr 25th, 2017 
Im not sure why, but there seems to be quite a bit of confusion between insurance requirements and whether or not you have to have it when you finance a vehicle.  State law always requires you to at least have liability insurance.  What this covers is an at fault wreck.  It will pay for any damage you do to someone else, and or their property that you damage.  It does not cover anything that happens to you or the vehicle you are driving.  This is why dealerships and lenders require you to have comprehensive and collision insurance as well.  This is called full coverage.   This covers you, your vehicle and any other damage that is done to anyone else or their property.  A lender or dealership has give you a loan so that you can purchase the vehicle.  The vehicle needs to be covered for the duration of the loan so that the property being loaned on is covered.  This is required by all lenders.  Some dealerships will have their own insurance on the vehicle for a small fee and then you are only required to get liability through your own means.  Make sure you understand the terms of this scenario so that you remain in good standing with the lender, and you are abiding by state laws.  When financing a vehicle, you must factor in the insurance monthly cost along with the payment so that there are no surprises when it comes to making your first payment.  Insurance also does not cover mechanical repairs or when a vehicle breaks down.  That is a warranty, not insurance.  Two totally different things.  If you dont understand the difference, then ask. 
Common Courtesy of driving in DFW  Apr 19th, 2017 
I grew up in the panhandle of Texas, where almost everyone is friendly while driving.  Is it too much to ask someone to wave when they let you in front of them?  How about when someone lets you in, do you wave a thank you to them?  I think, even more so now, that this is important to everyone out there on the road.  Makes for a more peaceful commute to work or school.  How about those cell phone users?  You can tell from half a mile away that someone in front of you is on their cell phone.  They normally have a big gap in between themselves and the cars in front of them.  Do you realize that using your phone, while driving, causes at least a 15 minute delay for you as well as everyone behind you on a daily basis?  Nothing is that important to risk the safety of yourself and other drivers so that you can check your facebook, text or email while you are driving.  Normally these types of people are in the left lane as well holding up traffic.  The left lane is for passing and drivers that are not need to be in the middle or right lanes.  Don't brake check people either.  This can cause a major accident to everyone behind you.  Move over and let the person pass you.  Here in Texas, a lot of people have guns with them so don't go road raging at people when you aren't sure what the outcome will be.  There is nothing on the road that is worth taking someones life or getting someone hurt.  Wave to people and smile.  Turn on your favorite music and ride the wave to work like everyone else.  I promise your day will go better in the long run and your stress levels will go down as well.  The flow of traffic in rush hour will go much smoother for everyone around you if you follow these simple steps.  Bring chivalry back.  Everyone needs a smile, wave, or a simple gesture at times to make their day go a bit smoother.  Happy and safe travels for everyone out there.  Its a tough road sometimes.   
Paperwork Paperwork Paperwork!  Apr 7th, 2017 
Anytime you purchase a vehicle, there is normally a mountain's worth of paperwork to sign.  Makes sense, though, when you are signing a financial contract with a lender.  This will always be the case.  You have to understand what you are signing.  If you don't understand, then ask your dealer before you sign. There is nothing wrong with being thorough.  The dealer wants you to be very aware of the forms you are signing.  A dealer will always explain to you what you are signing, but in most cases, you are so excited that you have just found your new ride, that most only hear small portions of what you are agreeing to.  First, make sure you understand the contract, meaning, payments, interest rate, money down, price of the vehicle, amount you are financing, all the taxes, titling fees, registration fees, etc. Second, is how the vehicle is sold.  Is it sold AS-IS, or is it sold with a warranty?  If no warranty, then ask about warranty options.  If anything, we would recommend at least a power-train warranty, covering the engine and transmission.  Its like insurance.  You are paying for piece of mind.  If you wreck your car, you definitely want it covered.  Same thing with a warranty.  If your car ends up having a major issue, you are going to want it covered.  Also, anytime you finance a vehicle, you have to have full coverage insurance.  This is something that you will always have to account for in purchasing a vehicle.  Its just part of it.  Make sure you understand the dealers requirements on the insurance details.  Every dealer could be different in this area.  This is very important.  When you are signing all of your forms, the basic key is to ask as many questions as possible to make sure that you understand any and all pages signed.  If not, then ignorance of the contractual obligations will not help you if something doesnt go smooth after the purchase of the vehicle.  Once that vehicle is tagged, it is yours, including all repairs on the vehicle.  No dealer is responsible for any repairs after the sale of the vehicle.   
2017 Turbo-Charger Honda SI  Apr 6th, 2017 
Looks like Honda is stepping it up and putting in the very first turbo into the Honda SI.  This should be interesting to say the least.  The horsepower is going to end up the same at 205hp, but the peak output will happen much earlier than before at 1300rpm opposed to 7000rpm before.  This could make for a super quick SI for the hardcore Honda fans out there.  Can't wait to drive one to see the difference. 
After the deal is done!!!  Mar 25th, 2017 
Used car dealers normally will buy their vehicles at auction or through trades.  When we purchase these vehicles, we do a point check inspection on the vehicles and fix what needs to be repaired as far as mechanical or any safety issues they may be having.  We do not re-furbish the vehicles back to new standards.  We deal in higher miles vehicles, so we want to make sure they are running properly and are safe to drive.  We cannot predict when something will go wrong with the vehicles on down the road, which is why we offer warranties.  Not everyone wants to purchase or has the means to purchase a warranty and we know this.  With the years of us being in business, we have accrued a number of companies in our network that offer a variety of services, such as body work, transmission work, engine work, or basic mechanical.  We can also normally gets parts a lot cheaper than our customers can as well.  We offer all of this to our customers, but we are not the mechanics.  We are your sales and financing department that will guide you through anything that has to do with your vehicle from the date of purchase.  Its hard to find mechanics out there that you can trust, so we want to be able to offer you a path to honest companies that like helping our customers out due to the business they receive from us.  We always strive to be the best we can be for our customers. 
Makes and models  Mar 22nd, 2017 
Between our 5 locations, we carry just about every make and model you could imagine.  From Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep, to imports such as Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Volkswagen.  Its a very rare thing that we wouldn't have what you are seeking.  We carry SUV's. Pickup Trucks, Crossovers and sedans to compact cars.  We also have a lot of gas savers and economical vehicles as well getting you up to 60 MPG on some of them.  With over 350 vehicles in stock, we will find the perfect pre-owned vehicle for you and your family.   
What to bring with you to speed up the process  Mar 21st, 2017 
Nobody likes being at a car dealership for hours on end, so we wanted to assist you a little before you come in as far as what to bring with you.  We normally get our clients in and out, but sometimes, if you don't have the necessary items, it can prolong the process. For starters, always have your ID on you.  We accept Texas Drivers License, Texas ID, Government Passport and Matricula's.  Next, is your proof of residence, meaning, cell phone bill, electric bill, or lease agreement, etc.  You will also need your proof of income. If you have the last 2 or 3 check stubs, then that would be great.  We always ask for at least 5 references as well, so if you have all of their information ready when you get here, that will speed things up greatly.  If you saw an ad online, it would be great if you actually brought that in with you, but it is not required.  Thank you for your time!  
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